A photo essay on ama's exchange visit to WCN in Nepal.

Workshop on Outdoor Environmental Education

The WCN team of nature interpreters gave a one day workshop on outdoor education, where ama learned about different activities that WCN uses when working with children and environmental education. The goal is to improve the quality of education, which is too often marked by the teachers' repeating of lessons from books. By getting them to pick plants, map the neighboorhood, make their own paper and make a water cycle in an old aquarium, the children learn by doing and can relate what they have learned to the environment and phenomena around them. 

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Lunch during WCN's workshop on outdoor education.
Nabin from WCN shows how to make your own paper out of recycled materials.
The workshop in full force.
Learning and doing water purification.
Mapping the environment and resources.
Making a herbarium and learning about plants.
Presenting the environmental map.
A presentation on water purification.
Presenting the herbarium and water cycle.
Receiving certificates for outdoor education.
Receiving certificates for outdoor education.
Looking at bugs as part of the Tree as a Habitat outdoor activity.

Visiting Schools and Government Officials in Nepal

As part of the trip, the team met with various government officials from the education sector to talk about the differences in the education systems in the two countries. But the focus of the trip was on children and outdoor education. So, we visited schools in Kathmandu and in Chitwan where we did hands-on education activities with them and where we also watched children perform a sketch on the benefits of improved cooking stoves and sing environmental songs, along with other lively performances. The hospitability of the Nepalese was as always very touching.  

Building Partnerships

DFE and ama want to thank WCN for the hospitality and for arranging a great trip and learning experience. This was an opportunity that has enriched us all greatly on a personal level and strengthened our organizational partnerships. 

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