Youth for Smart Solutions Conference

Youth for Smart Solution was a three day conference on Climate Change that took place from March 26 - March 28, 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The conference was about providing a space for discussion about climate change among the youth of Nepal and encouraging them to come up with concrete ideas that can be implemented in different community structures to combat the adverse effects of climate change. Its goal was to facilitate the creation of a network for sharing of information on adaptation and mitigation strategies, which is crucial in addressing climate change.

The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokhrel, Executive Director, AEPC amidst the 104 young scientist at Climate + Change, Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal in Kathmandu. It was organized in collaboration with Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) and supported by the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and Climate + Change, the regional Dialogue for the Future, Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, Kathmandu.

Per C. Christensen, DFE’s senior consultant, gave talks about the impacts of climate change and he was on the panel that reviewed the climate change solution abstracts submitted by the students. Ms. Roshni Udyavar Yehuda, Head, Rachana Sansad Institute of Environmental Architecture, Mumbai, India made remarks on the significant role of youth in working together for innovative solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Mrs. Sanjeevani Y Shrestha concluded the opening ceremony and announced the start of the technical sessions, which were divided into six areas, i.e Agriculture, Alternative energy, Water, Green Architecture, Biodiversity and Forest, and Waste Management.

The conference was well received at it:

  • Provided an engaging, inspirational and informative space for young scientists on contemporary issues about climate change through the interaction with national and international experts.
  • Bridged the gap between people who study environment and climate change and technocrats and those who bring about solutions in everyday life to combat climate change.
  • Created a platform where all the organizations could come together and share success stories and hurdles in the field while working with climate change issues.

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