Just Environmental Governance in Mozambique

DFE is working with its partner ama on the implementation of the Just Environmental Governance (JEG) project in northern Mozambique. 

Mozambique is rich in natural resources and the Government is having high expectations about the central role that the exploitation of natural resources can play in reaching growth and reducing poverty in Mozambique. Especially industries such as mining, petroleum, logging of hard-wood timber, agri-business, and tourism are claiming exclusive access to rural communities’ most important economic asset – their land – that they use for subsistence farming, pastoral activities, fuel (charcoal), and construction material. Knowing that local communities have strong bonds with their traditional land and depend on access and use of the natural resources available for subsistence, cultural and spiritual reasons, this can have serious impact on rural communities.

The overall goal of the project is to ensure community rights to resources and their use according to legislation and traditional norms and that these are protected and respected by local authorities and the private sector. 

Community training in land law and NR legislation

DFE and its partner work closely with the rural communities on building their capacity and knowledge about the land law and other relevant legislation in natural resource management, with a focus on how to get access to revenues from extraction activities. The community members are organized into local natural resource management groups, which are also represented in umbrella organizations on the district level. These groups get training in how to monitor illegal logging, how to gain access to the authorities and how they can better represent their rights and interests when private investors want to use their land. 

Enhanced respect for citizen's rights to land

There is a focus on creating dialogue and positive relationships with both the authorities and the private sector in order to level the playing field among communities, government, and investors. There is a need to create an understanding and respect for citizens’ rights on secure and equal distribution and management of land among public authorities and business enterprises in Cabo Delgado.