Process to Develop Teachers Training in Environmental Education Kicks Off

“It all begins and ends with the teacher.” This was the message of DFE’s consultant Hanne Hübertz at the first consultative meeting for the development of a national training package for environmental education that took place on September 23 in Kathmandu, Nepal. As part of the newly launched project, “Institutionalizing Interactive Environmental Education into the Nepalese Education System”, we will develop a 3-day green teacher training package in collaboration with the Curriculum Development Center (CDC), National Center for Educational Development (NCED) and the Department of Education (DoE) in Nepal.

The training will focus on teaching environmental education (EE), while using outdoor interactive teaching methods. After more than 10 years of working together with students, teachers, and government agencies on spreading interactive outdoor EE across Nepal, we have now established a close collaboration with the government to make interactive EE part of the national training and part of the national curriculum. We are advocating to put more focus on quality environmental education and to make available trainings to teachers, so that they feel empowered to use new teaching methods that get both teacher and student out of the classroom to learn about the environment in the environment.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Sitaram Koirala, Senior Instructor, NCED and WCN and DFE gave presentations that focused on the background and philosophy behind interactive environmental education. After the presentations, the invited teachers and government representatives worked together in discussion groups to come up with ideas about what the training should encompass and what skills teachers should have after they take the training. These ideas are the first step in the upcoming process of developing the full training package. It was a productive workshop, which has contributed to invaluable input for the training design.

One of the challenges is to motivate teachers and change their behavior to try new methods of interactive teaching that is student focused. We also want to give them the tools and confidence to build networks among teachers and schools where they can share information, exchange experience, and learn from each other.

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