Farm Forestry in Northern Vietnam

DFE and its partners in Vietnam are currently working on the More Trees project, which has the aim to contribute to the development of national strategies and policies that promote viable models of farmer forest associations as tools for income security, sustainable land use and climate adaptation, along with a tool for civil society development. 

More Trees Achievements

DFE has been working together with two local farmer's unions in the Hoa Binh and Ha Tinh provinces as well as the North Vietnam College of Agriculture and Rural Development (NVCARD). The first project period addressed the serious problem of forest and land degradation in mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam. A problem mainly caused by overexploitation of the forest resources and by unsustainable land-use practices. The problem is further aggravated by the lack of an efficient model for response through organized extension or farmer self-help.

More Trees established farm forestry groups for tree growing and marketing. The project developed a curriculum for teaching agro-forestry and farm forest extension thus ensuring a steady output of farmers and future extension staff with good knowledge of agro-forestry and farm forestry.

You can read more about More Trees I here.


Working towards independent farm forestry networks 

The work of DFE and its partners is focused on establishing two self-financing and independent farm forestry networks, which are members based and are capacitated to provide extension service and represent the interest of its members.

By letting tree growing become the mainstay of the undertaking, the project wishes to contribute to the general improvement of living conditions in the project area and contribute to crop and income diversification as part of the long term climate adaptation strategy for the area. The project focuses on capacity building for sustainable land use, but does also touch upon education, local democracy development, poverty eradication and climate mitigation.

The main purpose of the project is to see the crystallization of new genuine civil society structures based on farm forestry. The Farm Forestry Groups consist of farmers, which receive farm forestry training through Farmer Field Schools. Several farm forestry groups form a local farm forestry network which will constitute the core foundation of the empowerment of the rural farmers in relation to farm forestry and the marketing for forest products.

Establishment of a Farm Forestry Advisory Center

Apart from supporting the establishment of farm forestry networks, we work to promote education in farm forestry on a national scale. NVCARD has started operating a farm forestry advisory center, which will support farm forestry education and promote farm forestry at other technical universities in Vietnam. The advisory center will also be closely linked to the farm forestry groups and networks, providing them with research and information and giving the center access to practical forestry.