Teachers workshop in Nanjua school

Part of the environmental education project in Mozambique focuses on developing teachers' skills to teach environmental studies through active hands-on exercises outside the classroom. In March, a workshop was held in Nanjua school, where 34 teachers from 4 surrounding schools attended.

The teachers engaged different outdoor exercises, all taking place outside and drawing upon the local environment. In one exercise, plants found in the surrounding area were gathered, characterized and its uses discussed. The aim of this activity is to help the students realize the importance of local resources and their use. In another activity, teachers were asked to gather trash and try to order the trash according to its decomposition rate. This exercise shows not only whether a certain piece of trash is degradable or not, but also the time it takes to decompose and will help students understand the importance of proper waste management. The photos below show more examples of the exercises that the teachers tried out in the workshop.

The exercises all take departure in the textbooks that have been developed for the project, which also focus on the local environment familiar to the students and make them aware of how their day-to-day behavior has impact on their surroundings.

Overall, the workshop was a success, and teachers were excited about this way of active outdoor teaching and were eager to try the activities in their own classrooms. The exercises demand local materials which the teacher's have access to, which makes it possible to do the activities in rural areas where materials in schools are scarce.