Rule of Law for Whom? Land Rights in Mozambique

Master student, Pascale Magin, produced a thesis in connection to DFE's Just Environmental Governance project, exploring the land right situation in Mozambique. 

DFE's intern Pascale Magin has published a master thesis based on the Just Environmental Governance project in northern Mozambique. 

Her thesis, Rule of Law for Whom? Questioning the Beneficiaries of Mozambican Land and Resource Rights, explores to what extent the legal framework for land and forest resources is implemented in practice and if the communities benefit from the progressive land laws of Mozambique. 

Key findings show that the implementation of the law is fragmentary. Little knowledge about the legal framework exists, few communities are consulted before investments, and they largely do not possess documentary proof of their land rights, and few receive economic compensation they are entitled to by law. 

You can read her thesis by clicking on the link below: