Forestry Cooperative in the Ha Tinh Province established

A launching ceremony of Sơn Hàm Cooperative of Agro-Forestry and Environment Service (Cooperative) was held on 17th of July in the cultural house of Sơn Hàm commune, Hà Tĩnh province, supported by the More Trees Project and Hà Tĩnh Farmers Union with delegations from local authorities at all levels and local villagers.

The cooperative will function as a representative umbrella organization of the 60 tree growers groups with members from over 900 households and with the potential of expanding. 

Hương Sơn is a mountainous district of Hà Tĩnh province, where 84.4 ha, or 76.5 % of the areas is covered by natural forest and forestry. The area of production forestry is 50 ha, occupying 49% of the forested land. Previously, there was no organization supporting tree growers in production, which is why the establishment of the cooperative not only meets the actual current local demand of but also matches with the government's goal of collective economic development.

The cooperative's target is to become an independent social-economic organization with the goals of

  • Raising income for forestry households.
  • Extending their scale through various activities such as: seedling producing, providing harvesting services, transporting, and providing inputs.

By joining the cooperative, farmers are able to participate in further parts of the value chain. This will create and increase in jobs available and generate income for members.

A Management Board and a Board of Directors were established from selected members who are active and acknowledged in the science, technology, and enterprise sectors.

With the above developed strategy and support from local authorities, the Sơn Hàm cooperative will be an independent socio-economic organization, and the future aim is to become the district cooperative of Hương Sơn.