DFE brings Danish-Nepali partnership schools together

This week a group of students from Nordvang school in Glostrup were introduced to Nepali Students from Sunrise Boarding School in Kathmandu. With help from DFE, the two schools will establish a partnership over the course of the coming year.

The idea is to bring the students together to exchange knowledge and activities about each other’s nature and culture.

Using interactive teaching methods and social media, the students, ages 13-15, will practice their English while learning about each other’s countries with focus on the environment.

Communication and cultural exchange via social medias

In November 2015, DFE visited Sunrise Boarding School where the students were introduced to the students from Nordvang, through pictures and profiles that the students had written. The Nepali students also learned about Denmark and about Nordvang’s recent participation in the nation-wide program ‘Replant the Planet’, where students all across Denmark plant trees for a better environment.

The students at Sunrise practice waste segregation and the activity they wanted to share with the Danish students was starting a vermicomposting farm. They also wrote profiles and took pictures of themselves.

Back home in Denmark, DFE gave a presentation on the visit to Nepal at Nordvang school as well as a general introduction to the climate, environment, and forests of the country. Pictures and videos of the vermicomposting activity were shared with the Nordvang students along with the profiles from the Nepali students.

DFE has established a Facebook Group where the students’ profiles, pictures and videos of the activities have been posted. The group will be the platform where the students in the future can communicate with each other and upload information about the activities they engage in.

The two schools together with DFE have planned to share some of their environmental education activities throughout the coming year, such as composting, decomposition, water as a natural resource, tree planting, etc.

About Sunrise Boarding School

Sunrise Boarding School is member of Nepal Prakriti Pathshala (Nepal Nature School), which is an education program that is jointly run by the organizations Wildlife Conservation Nepal and Danish Forestry Extension. This education program promotes interactive environmental education in schools across Nepal.



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