Estonian delegation visits our Western Jutland Private Forest Owner Association

This week started with a visit from an Estonian delegation to our Western Jutland local unit. Around 30 Estonian forest owners and government representatives from the Estonian Center for Private Forest Owners are in Denmark to learn about our forestry, with a special focus on organizing private forest owners. 

The forest ownership structure in Estonia is characterized by many small forest holdings – the majority of the 100.000 forest owners own forests that are less than 2 ha. The way forest owners are organized is similar to that we know in Denmark, i.e. local forest association units, a central organization for the local units, and there is also a political organization, similar to the Danish Forest Association (Dansk Skovforening). 

Delegation is learning about the structure of the Danish Private Forest Owners Associations

The Estonian forest owner associations have in the last few years experienced significant increases in membership, with a quadrupling of members up to a total of 10,000 members.

The delegation has learned about the structure of our forest owner associations, which despite structural changes towards consolidation into fewer and bigger local units, ensures that the individual forest owner remains the main focus and has influence.

A trip to different forest areas and forestry projects, including the organic pig production system that is combined with biomass and fruit tree planting, was marked with great interest and inquisitiveness.

DFE has in the past, as one of our first activities in foreign countries, contributed to the establishment of forest owner associations in Lithuania and Latvia, as part of those countries' privatization of forests. Thus, it is nice to get a visit and be able to exchange experiences with forest owners and stakeholders from that same corner of the world. 

Visiting forest areas

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