New program partner in Mali and first training by DFE

We are happy to announce that Danish Forestry Extension is working with a new program partner namely Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa. Mali Folkecenter will work with establishment of local forestry associations to produce crops, timber and firewood from agroforestry systems. They will also work with the youth to involve and support them to develop innovative business models to address the local environmental challenges. Further, DFE and Mali Folkecenter will support and engage in the yearly national environmental forum conference to show farmers, authorities and the local government the importance and potential of local small holding forestry.

DFEs first training with the technical staff showed very good potential to work with agroforestry and local, responsible firewood production in Southern Mali. Two forestry associations already exist and some farmers have planted trees for fruit-, timber and firewood production. Within 2017 DFE and Mali Folkecenter will support these farmers to improve their existing technical knowledge and planting layout as well as strengthen their market linkage. We aim to shift dependence on firewood from natural forest to planted and well managed trees. We also aim to inlcdue more women in these activities – targeting women in the local shea butter cooperatives who depend heavily on firewood to cook the nuts.

With support from one of DFEs local foresters, Bo Simonsen from Skovdyrkerne Vestjylland, the training included a mixture of theoretical and practical aspects of establishing a forestry association, designing agroforestry system planting layout, planting preparation and nursery set-up. Danish forestry know-how was exchanged with local experiences which created great learning. Who had imagined that Danish Christmas tree production represents an agroforestry system?

See more pictures from the training here.

We look forward to follow and demonstrate the work of 2017!

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