The Future - with a Climate Focus

The climate is more important than ever - and thus is the work of DFE - Danish Forest Extension.

DFE secures political influence, and cohesion between foresters in Denmark and elsewhere and corporations internationally. By using knowledge and resources to be found amongst the members and co-workers of Skovdyrkerne, and offering our expertise and contacts internationally, we contribute to the international development towards more sustainable forestry and securing of rights and working conditions for people dependent on the woods to make a living.

The mission of DFE is to share the profound knowledge and experience of the members of Skovdyrkerne in forestry, forest management and -administration with the purpose of promoting responsible forestry for the benefit of both people and environment.  

In continued support of poor communities and in response to the seriousness of the global climate crisis, it is the ambition of Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) to expand its operations and partner cooperation in the years to come.

If you and your business wants to support the work of DFE and our partners, you can read about our projects Åbner internt link i det nuværende vinduehere.

Social Development Goals
DFE is currently in an intense dialogue with its partners on how we can best address and respond to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – notably SDG 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 15 Life on Land, SDG 16 Justice and Strong Institutions, and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals.

Resource Mobilisation Campaign
Initiated during the summer of 2019, Danish Forestry Extension has embarked upon a resource mobilization campaign ‘How to Grow Money on Trees - DFE saves People, Forests, and the Climate’, a multi-year fundraising campaign to increase programme capacity.

Read about our campaign or click the link below to download our Case for Support as a PDF-file. 

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DFE - Strategic Development and Growth

DFE's strategic growth initiative, launched in 2019 sets out an ambitious goal of DKK 25 mill by 2024. Here, our core story is introduced through DFE's Case for Support.

Download or flip through our Case for Support
You can read more about the Case for support Åbner eksternt link i et nyt vindueHERE, where you can also  Åbner eksternt link i et nyt vinduedownload the report as a PDF or flip through the report online.

Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) in Partnership with Institutional Donors

DFE is currently collaborating with a wide range of foundations and donors, including the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Nordic Development Fund, EuropeAid, Danish and international foundations, and others. - You can find our Track Record Åbner internt link i det nuværende vindueHERE.

This is How DFE Works

By working with local partners, contributing with our knowledge of sustainable forestry, we help promoting  sustainable ways of forestry. With the experience from Danish forest owners and workers, we supply knowledge on how to organize in unions to secure political influence and proper working and living conditions for forest workers  - DFE makes a difference through a daily commitment. 

Read more about our partner countries Åbner internt link i det nuværende vindueBosnia-Herzegovina, Åbner internt link i det nuværende vindueNepal, Åbner internt link i det nuværende vindueVietnam and Åbner internt link i det nuværende vindueUganda.

Business and Coorporate Social Responsibility

Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR programmes) businesses can benefit society while boosting their brands, as well as their core business. 

Is your company interested in partnering with DFE? Read more about strategic partnerships Åbner internt link i det nuværende vinduehere



25.05.2020 - Nyheder

Biodiversity and fallow deer in Busovaca

In the municipality of Busovača, forester Jako Čavara produces mixed forest and breeds fallow deer for the benefit of bot tourism and the economy

30.07.2019 - News

DFE Guide

The guide adds to the discussion about collaboration between NGOs and private sector companies

25.06.2019 - News

Danish Forestry Extension at Folkemødet, 2019

It was useful for DFE to attend Folkemødet (The People's Democratic Festival), 13th - 16th of June 2019

11.06.2019 - News

DFE launches a Guide on Strategic Partnerships

DFE and four other Danish development NGOs have published a Guide to partnerships between NGOs and the private sector

19.04.2019 - News

Newspaper article from AFFON

DFE partner organisation in Nepal presents an interesting status on Family Forestry