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The Danish Forest Owners Association (DFOA), in Danish: Skovdkyrkerne, is a Danish association that is owned and governed by small scale forest owners/farmers in Denmark. It has practiced extension work among Danish forest owners based on advocacy and participatory principles since 1904. The organization consists of seven local units, the Local Forest Growers Associations, each lead by a board of directors, who is democratically elected by the members. The seven local units are in turn represented by the Secretariat, which is elected by the general assembly. The secretariat does marketing and advocacy work for the whole organization, while also developing the political and economic framework for DFE.

Around 25% of all Danish forest owners are members of DFOA. The approximately 5,000 members all together constitute circa 20% of the total private Danish forest cover. The local units offer their members extension and advisory services, e.g. advice on responsible management of natural resources, advocacy/lobbying, facilitation of education and knowledge dissemination, planning and project management, improved revenue generation, advice on how to use contractors, and how to organise the buying and selling of products related to forestry.