05.01.2016 - News

Life School Center Dormitory Construction Kicks Off!

The Life School Center has begun the construction of a dormitory where up to 25 guests of the center will be able to stay while attending conferences, trainings or other events that are taking place at LSC.

23.12.2015 - News

Happy Holidays!

Danish Forestry Extension wishes you and your family and wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!!

16.12.2015 - News

DFE brings Danish-Nepali partnership schools together

This week a group of students from Nordvang Skolen in Glostrup were introduced to Nepali Students from Sunrise Boarding School in Kathmandu. With help from DFE the two schools will establish a partnership

10.12.2015 - News

National teachers' training in Interactive Environmental Education kicks off in Kathmandu

Teachers from Kathmandu and surrounding districts receive training in interactive environmental education.

10.12.2015 - News

New cooperatives established under DFE's project More Trees

DFE’s project More Trees has established farm forest cooperatives in its projects districts in Ha Tinh and Hoa Bin

07.12.2015 - News

Mozambique: The need for community land rights in the face of illegal logging and increasing extractive industries’ activities.

Rural communities and forest resources in Mozambique are under pressure from extractive industries. DFE and its partner in the country are working to ensure land rights of rural people and advocate for acknowledgement of the communities rights to resources.

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