Rina Traunter Global Focus presenting the guide

Danish Forestry Extension at Folkemødet, 2019

It was useful for DFE to attend Folkemødet (The People's Democratic Festival), 13th - 16th of June 2019. Communication Consultant Ulla Hauer participated in the festival on behalf of DFE.

During the four days of The People's Democratic Festival, several activities and meetings took place. At the opening,, the newly printed guide on NGO and private sector collaboration was presented to Rina Lauritzen Trautner,(photo above) by DFE. Rina is Coordinator at Global Focus, the organization which has provided funding for the guide, which has been produced by DFE and four other NGOs (Ghana Friendship, DIB, Forests of the World, and SustainableEnergy), assisted by a consultant from MiGrow.

Networking for new sustainability solutions

Thursday13th of June, DFE was invited to a networking event by DIEH (Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade). The meeting was opened by a panel consisting of Jonas Engberg (formerly Sustainability Manager at IKEA, now Head of Partnerships and Innovation at CARE), Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen, Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade (DHIH), and journalist Rasmus Tantholdt, TV2. (photo below)

Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen, Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade (DHIH), and journalist Rasmus Tantholdt, TV2.

The three presenters came up with exciting presentations with a focus on environment and sustainability, where ideas were sought from all across the world, focusing on collaboration between companies and NGOs. The latter is precisely the theme of the new guide that DFE has produced in collaboration with the other four NGOs, and Ulla shared the guide at the event.

DFE's Ulla Hauer with the guide

Download a PDF version of the guide
The launch of the Guide took place 7th of June, 2019, at the home page of Altinget.dk, as part of their special Partnership Theme. Åbner eksternt link i et nyt vindueRead the accompanying article about the guide by Claus Nordahl, here

The guide itself can be downloaded (in Danish) Initierer fildownloadfrom DFE’s home page, here