Photo from AFFON article about family forestry

News from our partner AFFON in Nepal

Mr. Jog Raj Giri, Chairperson of the Association of Family Forest Owners Nepal (AFFON) has published an article about the present situation of Family Forestry in Nepal. The article was published in the MyRepublica, one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date news portals of Nepal. Co-writer of the article was Family Forest Activist, Ms. Pragya Dahal.

The article addresses the problem that the majority of Nepali youths have migrated to the big cities in search of jobs. Thus, the rural villages have been emptied. The abandoned and barren land leads to climate hazards and erosion. A solution to his problem is support of family forestry interventions, which might become the back bone of a new green economy, including a source of rural employment.

The article points out that securing the rights of family forest farmers and increasing their access to local resources should be major priority of the Nepali government.

Read the article in the attached PDF or at this link to the newspaper.

AFFON is working with Sustainable Management of Family Forests and their contribution to the economic development in Nepal.  

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