Private sector involvement – CSR Partnerships

Private sector involvement

Recently, the civil society has experienced an increased political promotion of strategic partnerships especially to realize the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The positive growing focus on environmental sustainability among Danish consumers and increased Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment among the private sector creates an interesting opportunity for partnerships between the private sector and green civil society organization with technical skills. However, the exact role of companies in the implementation of the new 17 SDGs is still unclear as well as there are only few reference projects demonstrating the development and implementation of CSR partnerships with green civil society organization. 

Developing a professional approach to CSR partnerships

Given the challenges and opportunities of such green CSR partnerships, DFE is managing a project to establish a green platform with other civil society organizations and private sector partners to develop and share practical experiences with professional approaches to international CSR projects.

The project facilitates learning about CSR partnership models through practical experience building, meetings and direct dialogue between selected green CSOs and private companies. It also focuses on increasing the common understanding of individual interests and possibilities for partnerships, creating a platform for networking and collaboration opportunities across sectors, inspire and innovate project design, communicate and monitor the partnerships, developing visual communication- and branding material and coaching the project partners upon challenges and opportunities in the project process.

DFE follows the practical experiences continuously generated to develop a template for an internal and external communication strategy as well as a partnership agreement template. These documents will be published to allow external stakeholders benefit from the knowledge generated. Read more about the activities here.

Involving Danish students and forest owners

DFE conducts various information activities such as publishing articles, involving forestry students in the international activities, hosting lectures and interactive events to raise awareness about the importance, challenges and impacts of international natural resource management.    

30.07.2019 - News

DFE Guide

The guide adds to the discussion about collaboration between NGOs and private sector companies

25.06.2019 - News

Danish Forestry Extension at Folkemødet, 2019

It was useful for DFE to attend Folkemødet (The People's Democratic Festival), 13th - 16th of June 2019

11.06.2019 - News

DFE launches a Guide on Strategic Partnerships

DFE and four other Danish development NGOs have published a Guide to partnerships between NGOs and the private sector