Small scale commercial farm forestry, extension service and market access

During the last 50 years the Northern uplands of Vietnam have experienced intense deforestation and degradation of the mountainous natural forest areas. The increasing pressure on land and forests are resulting in soil erosion and land degradation and affecting the livelihoods of small holding farmers. Farmers in the northwest uplands, have largely been left out of the economic progress of the Vietnamese economy and highly depend on subsistence agriculture and local forest sources. They need alternative income sources as well as technical capacity to address the environmental degradation of their land areas. Therefore, DFE works with local partners to educate professional extension workers and train farmers to improve their technical forestry knowledge and skills to reforest and generate income from farm forestry activities. 

In corporation with farmer unions in the provinces of Hoa Binh and Ha Tinh and the agricultural college NVCARD, DFE have trained local forestry extension workers, conducted farmer field schools and introduced techniques to improve the local reforestation, wood production and income from commercial farm forestry. DFE also support the farmers to organize in local forestry groups, establish and become members of independent provincial forest cooperatives. This aim to strengthen their market linkage, improve access to technical knowledge (extension services) and inputs such as high quality and seedlings at affordable prices.

Establishing independent forestry based cooperartives is unique in Vietam as the government promoted system is based on mass organisations with strict and firm set-up, to take care of the farmer’s interests. The DFE supported cooperatives are a supplement to such organisations, with an entry point at the very individual household. This enables the members to increase their individual farm forestry income and strengthening their voices within the civil society by advocating as a united group. 

DFE further addresses the need to provide appropriate and useful official forestry extension service to smallholders. In corporation with the local college NVCARD, DFE has developed and introduced national curricula at college level to educate the youth to become professional extension workers with both theoretical and practical knowledge of commercial tree planting. Among others, this is supported and promoted by the establishment of a national advisory centre. 

30.07.2019 - News

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