Flemming Sehested

Title: Director - Senior Consultant

E-mail: fls@remove-this.df-extension.dk

Mobile: +45 61 26 60 08



Alma Bay Kullberg

Communication Consultant

E-mail: communication@remove-this.df-extension.dk 

Mobile: +45 2233 4279



Karsten Raae

Senior Consultant

E-mail: kra@remove-this.f-extension.dk

Mobile: +45 25 55 42 00




Inge Carøe Nielsen

Title: Accountant

E-mail: icn@skovdyrkerne.dk

Mobile: +45 75 86 73 88



Troels Dalgaard

Business Development Advisor

E-mail: tda@remove-this.df-extension.dk

Mobile: +45 2164 3790

Josipa Bicanic

Title: Program Manager

E-mail: jos@remove-this.df-extension.dk

Mobile: +45 61 27 48 64



DFE's Board of Directors

Frede Andersen. Chairman.

Forest owner. Also, Chairman of the board of the local Skovdyrkerne in Southern Jutland. Frede is a registered auditor of profession.


Søren Ladefoged.

Forester in the local Skovdyrkerne in Northeastern Jutland. Has experience with forest management, project administration, education, IT development and communication and dissemination. 


Jørn Bertelsen.

Forest owner and large-scale X-mass tree grower. Also, Chairman of the local Skovdyrkerne in South Jutland. 


Erik Poul Ole Noël Willadsen.

Agricultural extension worker. Owns 40 ha. of forest. Also, on the board of the local Skovdyrkerne in Funen/Zealand.


Anders Saldern Nielsen.

Teacher and agricultural technician. Owns 13 ha. forest near Tørring.  


01.06.2020 - News

1 Biodiversity and fallow deer in Busovaca

Interview with the Bosnian forester Jako Cavara for Skovdyrkeren, May edition

25.05.2020 - News, Nyheder, Publications

Biodiversity and fallow deer in Busovača

In the municipality of Busovača, forester Jako Čavara produces mixed forest and breeds fallow deer for the benefit of bot tourism and the economy.

13.11.2019 - News

Interview with farmer from the More Trees Project

Read here article by Bachelor Student Mikkel, where he discusses agro-foresty with the local farmers in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam.